Thanks, New Reward Tiers, and FAFAQs

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Another day and we're closing in on halfway to our goal, with 30 days left to go! You, our community of backers and future players have done an outstanding job of supporting this project and spreading the word around the web. From the team, thank you all so much for being great partners in this endeavor.

Also, thanks for being patient with us as we attempt to get back to every email, comment and message we get. Your feedback is incredibly important to us and we're spending quite a bit of time on our internal Slack chat discussing specific feedback from the community, before responding with what he hope is a thoughtful answer. Our goal is to be even more responsive as we get a hang of this whole Kickstarter thing, so please stay in touch!

We have a few quick updates we wanted to share this evening:

New Reward Tiers
Folks asked for a few more reward tiers, so we got together with the team, brainstormed on some new ideas, and came up with some pretty rad new tiers, the first two of which we rolled out today, in addition to the "Early-ish Bird Special" and "On Time Bird Special" as those tiers have sold out.

$500 or More: The Jarvis Package
Custom Voiceover Pack (subject to creative review) Work with Starfighter Inc. Writer & Executive Producer Coray Seifert to create your own custom voiceover pack, triggering during key events. Ever want your space sim to say “That’s the way, uh huh uh huh, I like it.” whenever you get a kill? Well, now's your chance!

Custom Digital Taunts (subject to creative review) Like above, but your opponents will hear it! Gotta keep it clean, keep it consistent with the universe, and keep it (reasonably) respectful, but this is finally your opportunity to unleash that perfect post-kill pun you’ve been holding onto all these gamer years.

Optional: Impeller Publishes Your Custom VO/Taunts with the Game If you want, we’ll make your custom VO pack available to all other players in the game, making you an instant celebrity or infamous n’er do well, depending on the content of your VO pack.

$1,000 or More: The Hero's Journey
Hand-Drawn In-Cockpit Digital Portrait (subject to creative review) One of the exceptionally talented Starfighter Inc. artists will draw an awesome portrait of you (or your kid/wife/dog/etc.) in the cockpit of any in-game ship. Whether pensive and reflective or pitched in combat (you’ll be able to give us some direction), this shot will be the most badass representation of you that has ever existed. Plus, it’ll make a sweet Facebook profile picture.

24x36 Glossy Poster Portrait Print We’ll send you a high-quality glossy 24x36 print of the above, perfect for showing your friends, loved ones, or lovers how preposterously badass you are.

Canonized in the Game Story (subject to creative review) Based on your portrait, the Starfighter Inc. writing team will make you a central character in the game story. We’ll work with you set some direction (protagonist/antagonist, company affiliation, charisma ability modifier, etc.) and then include your likeness as a central story pillar as the franchise moves forward.

Like these reward tiers? Do you have reward tiers you'd like to see? Hit us up in the comments. We'd love to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Frequently Asked Questions
Of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) we're noticing a few Frequently Asked Frequently Asked Questions (FAFAQs). We want to post a few answers and a few extra details to those FAFAQs, as well as come up with an excuse to use the term FAFAQs a few more times.


Are you going to have singleplayer/story content? We hope so! We have some stretch goals that have story and narrative elements that we're extremely excited about. We hope you'll be excited too.

That said, we want to make sure that we have the runway to make a great game at its core and that happens through PvP multiplayer. If we can build a great foundation via Multiplayer and then lay a singleplayer or co-op story on top of that, we'll be able to pair great gameplay with great story the way that so many of the X-Wing games did.


What are you going to do with monetization? We think we have a really unique model that capitalizes on the benefits of both free-to-play and premium games.

The game itself is premium. You can buy it and then own it for life. We'll have DLC and new content packages that launch from time to time which you can buy, or not.

One of the things we love about free to play games is that there are always tons of people to play with. So, we want to offer a basic free access to the game. This will basically be a trial where players can jump in and use stock ships, but can't customize or level them up.

It'll take some balancing to get it just right, but we think it'll really appeal to players from both ends of the spectrum. To further clarify:

  • We are a premium game. To buy this game when it launches, you have to pay money. We are not a free to play game.
  • We are not a pay to win game. Wallet warriors will have no advantage over everyone else in our game. DLC ships, weapons and gear won’t be better, just different. Our goal is to have all ships balanced against each other.
  • Are you going to have microtransactions? We’re exploring every option. Really, what’s going to determine our ultimate direction is what the community wants; what you want. So tell us! What do you want to see in the game?

Are backer-only ships going to be OP? Isn't that Pay-to-Win?

The backer-only ships, just like every ship in the game, will be balanced against every other ship in the game. We don't want to have a dominant strategy for any ship, weapon or other gear, because then the game is just boring (see Tube, Noob).

What's cool about these backer ships is that they're pushed to the extreme for doing one thing.

The Shrike for example, is probably going to be one of (if not THE) fastest, most maneuverable ships in the game with stupid good IW gear. That said, it's got basically no armor, the weapons pretty much couldn't hurt your grandmother, and it's tiny. So, it's great for information warfare, it's a great scout, and its super fun to fly (also it looks badass), but you're not going to go toe-to-toe with a heavy fighter.

Part of the coolness is also that you'll see dozens of others ships all the time, but seeing a Shrike will be fairly rare, so you'll be the talk of the gritty mercenary town, so to speak.

What we want to do is reward our backers with weird, cool ships that nobody can get when the game goes live. Hopefully everyone is into that, but if you have any feedback, we're all ears!


As always, you can see the FAQs and FAFAQs at the bottom of the campaign page.

In all seriousness, thanks for everything that you do as backers, supporters and co-conspirators. This campaign has been incredibly rewarding to our entire team at Impeller and we really do appreciate the contributions of each and every one of you.


/Coray & The Starfighter Inc. Team