Starfighter Inc. - Developer Q&A Reference List


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I've compiled a list of topics and questions discussed during the Q&A live stream for reference. You can skip to a question or topic of interest if you don't wish to watch the entire show.

(Some questions have been paraphrased).

Sidestrafe / Impeller Discussion

0:00 Introductions by various team members. Resurgence of the space sim - how publishers have influenced direction of game development. 'Deep' game development has taken a back seat to mass-market distribution.

5:20 [Sidestrafe] Are you willing to commit to developing a niche product for a smaller audience?

8:00 Controls, input, and the Starfighter experience.

9:05 Starfighter differentiating from Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous.

10:40 [Sidestrafe] Do you feel that some developers have difficulty properly designing a user interface that is friendly for new players?

15:55 Importance of community and listening to the community.

18:15 'We don't want to answer to a board'- (publishers). 'Sidestepping' traditional distribution.

22:15 There's room for more space combat games in the market. We're more match based - quick - no trading or mercantile.

23:30 [Sidestrafe] Are you thinking more round-based play? No re-spawn?

24:10 [Sidestrafe] Do re-spawn rules differ by game mode?

25:40 [Sidestrafe] What are some of your current and past inspirations for the direction of this game?

Viewer submitted questions

35:10 How close are you planning to stay to your stated Kickstarter vision?

37:00 Are we going to get to fly through mazes again as training like we did in the original x-wing?

38:05 Will there be any single-player experience in Starfighter or only PvP?

40:40 What are you doing to enable the feeling of dog fighting in space rather than every engagement turning into a joust?

46:00 Electronic warfare

46:50 Tactical reactions to environment and hazards

47:15 How large can map sizes be? Are there limitations?

47:55 Speed management - piloting

52:05 Can you discuss multi-crew ships?

54:40 Will there be any type of planetary exploration or only space battles?

55:55 Are boarding actions an A.I. mechanic? How does this work?

57:30 How do player choices affect ships? How will choosing ship parts affect the ship I fly? [customizations]

1:01:20 Are we going to have fully customizable control settings or only presets

1:03:15 Will there be hard speed limits or will there be free reign over velocities?

1:05:45 If your ship becomes critically damaged or is destroyed, can you live to fight again?

1:08:20 How in-depth will ship customization be? [component damage and replacement]

1:13:57 How large will capital ships be?

1:15:50 Can you define the size of a frigate?

1:16:30 Where will servers be housed? Can players host their own?

1:17:45 How will you guys take advantage of forum feedback?

1:24:40 Will there be any sort of 'premium' aspect to the game? [DLC, trial, premium purchase]

1:26:20 What will be unique about Starfighter relative to Star Conflict?

1:27:40 Are you planning on having maps where large A.I. ships are fighting and forcing you to protect friendly ships?

1:28:58 Will you be able to create your own faction or flight groups with friends?

1:30:00 Will there be large scale 'hide-and-seek' or covert / information warfare battle scenarios?

1:32:57 Will the military have a role vs. corporations and mercenaries?

1:35:25 Is there anything else that you want people to know - to get out into the public?

1:36:20 Will you need a joystick to play Starfighter properly?

1:37:30 How will sound work in space?

1:42:20 Wrap up - closing remarks.


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very awesome Jax, I actually had thought of doing something just like what you did.

mebe you can put the cliff note answers under each item listed? may allow for further discussion if we split that up into separate threads. :)

great job though, I appreciate the time and effort you put into that. hope you get good kudos!


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No worries, I figured people might be more willing to be involved in the discussion if they could see which questions were being highlighted in the Q&A. I also think this serves as an important baseline to document the responses of the team and to open areas of discussion that were not covered in this segment.

As for the cliff notes, that might be useful. However I think there is value from hearing the responses directly from the source to avoid confusion.


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I fully agree, Jax...everyone should listen. but it would be good as a reference point to have those cliff notes available for future discussions. :)


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ahh this is so helpful!
I watched it ones, but wanted to re-watch specific elements to reiterate the information. This is a great way to pinpoint the sections I wanted to review.