Question regarding ship size

I read somewhere that playable ships would range from single digit metric tons to single digit metric kilotons (1000x as big) yet in the game children of a dead earth (which is far more conservitive with what tech it has, the one big mod I have allows for 30% efficent ruby [solid state not FEL] lasers) I can for 1.98Kt design a ship immue to hacking (everything is networked with cable, no wireless to hack) and be armed to the teeth with enough armour to survive the odd shots and has the redudancy to survive the crew module being shot to bits and nuked (easier to harden the reserve AI cores rather then the crew) the only difference from my example ship to a "fighter" is that this ship has a crew of fifty(52 counting computers). slightly off the point of this post, how much armour would one of these fighters (in starfighter) have?