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Tsong Manufacturing Shrike-class Light Fighter
Single-seat multi-role fighter optimized for reconnaissance and information warfare. Depending on configuration it is also suitable for precision strike, interception, and orbital defense roles. Spaceframe employs proprietary combinations of foamed metal alloys, graphene, and ceramics for extremely high strength and low weight.
* Mass: 14,000 kilograms
* Length: 8.5 meters
* Beam with sensors closed/open: 2 meters / 7.5 meters

* Long Teijun Sirdun Railgun in a spinal mount.
* Nominal Parameters:
* Output energy: 54-360 megajoules
* Power: 13-90 GW
* Acceleration: 200,000 G
* Muzzle velocity: 4,000 meter/second
* Impact energy: 40-360 megajoules
* (Nominal values determined for 5 kilogram projectile, does not account for ship relative velocities)

* Convergenza Model 30 MW MHD
* This 30 Megawatt magnetohydrodynamic generator utilizes the plasma created by the reactor to produce electrical power for all ship systems.

* Thermosphere Dynamics Type J4 Closed Cycle Gas Core Nuclear Reactor (GCNR)
* Fissionable Fuel: particulate uranium
* Engine mass: 6,000 kilograms
* Thrust: 300,000 Newtons
* Specific Impulse: 3,000 seconds
* Exhaust Power: 4.5 GW
(Nominal values determined for high purity gaseous hydrogen propellant)

High speed maneuvers are accomplished via 32 Thermosphere Dynamics Reaction Control System vernier thrusters to grant a full six degrees of motion. RCS thrusters run off of the Thermosphere Dynamics GCNR feed removing the need for separate systems and propellant. Slower orientation changes are achieved by a fluid-stabilized Tsong Manufacturing control moment gyroscope (CMG).

OPSYS Opti-Eye Active Electronically Scanned Array pulse-doppler radar with a very low probability of intercept and high resistance to jamming. High bandwidth high speed data link for sensor data fusion with other platforms. Broadcast capabilities for electronic and information warfare modes.

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For a 3D representation of the Shrike, check out the video below.


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Carsten Boserup

Impeller Staff
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