Kickstarter has been launched


Alpha Squadron
I did notice a lack of ship pledges which is an approach that may end up attracting more backers knowing they won't be missing out on "limited backer only ships" if they don't pledge at least a certain amount. It also removes concerns about "pay-to-win" exclusive backer ships, at least during the KS campaign.

Of course I backed the project again, partly because I get the feeling another space game that I backed won't have enough PvP combat action in the finished game due to plans for a very large NPC population.

David Wessman

Impeller Staff
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Good observation, Zylo! While the prospect of making tons of money for virtual spaceships sounds enticing, it does have some pretty obvious downsides. We want Starfighter Inc. players to feel good about every penny they spend on the game. We definitely want SFI to be profitable, but we're not making the game to get rich off of. We're making it so we can have fun and share that experience with as many people as possible!