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X-Wing,MechWarrior 2 Leads Reveal Plans for 'Starfighter Inc'.

New York, NY May 5, 2015 Today, Impeller Studios announced its first game, a hardcore online multiplayer space combat simulator for PC and VR platforms called Starfighter Inc . Simultaneously, Impeller launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise production funds for the game.

Led by X-Wing Series game designer David Wessman, MechWarrior franchise director Jack Mamais, and Homefront writer/designer Coray Seifert, Starfighter Inc. pits teams of mercenary pilots against each other in online battles featuring singleseat interceptors, multiseat gunships and massive capital ships.

"We want to create an experience that taps into the pure multiplayer cockpit shooter gameplay that made games like X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter great," said Wessman. "This game isn’t about exploration or mining or crafting. It's all about tactical teambased combat."

At the core of the game is the ability for players to customize almost every aspect of their ship, from flight characteristics to weapon configurations to visual aesthetics. This allows them to personalize the gameplay experience to be exactly what they want. In addition, decisions made during gameplay affect the overall universe, blending emergent gameplay with hard-science futurism to create a community-driven storytelling experience.

"For us, fun is just the starting point," said Mamais. "We want to bring hard science, unprecedented immersion, and realism that blends with great gameplay to create a truly never-before-seen experience."

Staffed by developers from the Desert Combat, Halo, and Battlefield series, Impeller is focused on bringing landmark competitive multiplayer games to virtual reality platforms. The company has been in stealth mode on the title since 2013.

"We're on the cusp of a profound shift in games, computing, and human interaction," said Seifert. "Multiplayer games in VR are going to reinvent the fundamental nature of games and we’re excited to be a part of that bright future."

To learn more about Starfighter Inc., visit the Kickstarter campaign page at . For more information about Impeller Studios, visit .

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