BOOM! Now THAT'S how you hit the halfway mark.

Coray Seifert

Impeller Staff
Staff member
Hey all!

So, we're halfway to our goal for this Kickstarter campaign. This is an awesome, awesome, awesome thing.

Perhaps even more awesome was the way we got there, with an epic $10,000 pledge coming in late today to push us over the halfway point. We're floored and humbled by this generous backing and too by the thousands of backers who have pledged to this campaign.

Thanks so much to everyone who has played a part. We're super excited to make this game happen and we can't wait to start digging into some of the big pieces of content we're working on for you all!

In the meantime...

Staff Pick

Starfighter Inc. has been selected as a Kickstarter Staff Pick, which is basically the highest honor in all the Kickdom.

It means a ton to get this vote of confidence from the Kickstarter staff and we hope we'll do y'all proud!

While we're talking about Kickstarter staff, we wanted to thank Luke Crane, our Kickstarter PM, who has been an invaluable aid in getting this campaign ready, advising us on how make the best possible offering for our people, and leading me (Coray) through deep breathing exercises when I start getting overwhelmed.

Luke, you and the entire Kickstarter staff are our collective sunshine. If you, the backers/Kickstarter community, get a chance to follow Luke on Twitter or see any projects he's doing, be sure to get involved. He's a great designer and has some pretty intelligent/hilarious insights.

Finally, we're extremely excited to announce that Jack and David will be doing a live Q&A with celebrity live-streamer Sidestrafe this Friday May 15th at 4:00 PM EST.

We're still sorting out the last few details, but it sounds like this will be a great opportunity for community Q&A, so get there with questions ready and make sure they're hard ones. Don't want this to be too easy on our all star designers!

As always, thank you all so much for being a part of our Kickstarter adventure.

See you in the comments section!

/Coray & The Starfighter Inc. Team