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  1. CyprezGod

    Familiar faces!

    It's nice to see a lot of familiar faces from last year popping up again. Also nice to have some activity in the forums again. Starting to get really excited again! Now to decide how much I want to pledge, or more accurately how much I can pledge without before I go bankrupt.
  2. CyprezGod

    All wings report in!

    Hey community! I was just wondering who's still kicking around! Super excited to see more and more content coming out, can't wait to see the alpha!
  3. CyprezGod


    Hey guys! It sure has been awhile, but for those of you still poking around checking for updates happy new years! Hope its a good one! Cheers, CyprezGod/CypreZonic
  4. CyprezGod

    Tuesday game night

    Hey guys! Is Tuesday game nights still happening and open to other people joining? :P
  5. CyprezGod


    What's going on guys! any new action going on? Who's still poking around the forums? say hi!!
  6. CyprezGod

    So I've been away for awhile...

    The forums seem pretty dead right now :( any ideas when a new campaign will be starting? Are there any plans yet? Alsp any new updates to the game? They seemed to stop once the kickstarter ended. I have some reading to catch up on since I've been busy at work but any highlights happening that...
  7. CyprezGod

    Anybody See the hololens?

    How cool would it be to have the hololens create a fake cockpit around you for this game...
  8. CyprezGod

    When are you on teamspeak?

    I was just curious about what times devs and community managers like to go on teamspeak! It would be nice to know what times I should concentrate on logging on at. :rolleyes:
  9. CyprezGod


    I'm just a little sad that I won't be able to participate in the weekly dev chats :(
  10. CyprezGod

    Chat going on over on the Impellar teamspeak! Come join us!!!!!

    Teamspeak address is:
  11. CyprezGod

    We need a new teaser devs!

    The forums are getting quiet! :confused: I need to argue with somebody about something! Lets skip waiting for the kickstarter join the crew tier reward to start so I can start arguing physics with Dave and Jack now! ;)
  12. CyprezGod

    Showcases at events!

    Hey devs, I was just wondering if there are any plans of bringing the game to a gaming convention to show off the game pre-alpha? If so any ideas where or when that might be?
  13. CyprezGod

    [Ships] Ship's resilience to weapon fire

    So I was curious as to what people want out of this game. Now personally I prefer a game where destruction of ships is a little more realistic. In my opinion, in space if you take 4 or 5 good hits to the engine or body or're probably going to be dead, ie something setting off a...
  14. CyprezGod

    [Ships] Looking at personalising the ships

    Now when I say personalising, I don't mean pretty skins or weapon attachments. Will see a system that will allow us to change the stats of the ships? We would be able to allocate say 100 available points to these stats so we can customize the ships to fly the way we want them to fly (Ie : max...
  15. CyprezGod

    [Mechanics] Multi-Zone Battlefield

    Any chance we'll see battles take place in multiple sectors of space at a time. I for one have always been a huge sucker for FTL travel system, or anything resembling that? Something like if two team zones where you could refuel or something and then you warp or high speed travel to the battle...
  16. CyprezGod

    Hi there soon to be best friends!

    My ign is CyprezGod, Sometimes you'll find me under the ign CypreZonic, it depends on how I'm feeling :) I'm super excited at being here at the start of something! I've never really ever been part of a forum community, but if there was ever a time, it would be now for this game! I've been...